La Cigale Récamier soufflé restaurant is gone

So sad, the old Récamier la Cigale is no more. After an August 2014 renovation, this old 7th arrondissement classic feels more like a museum restaurant with bad neon lighting. Unfortunately, because the renovation included all new and cold tables (without the former tablecloths and linens), prices are also significantly higher for all items. Additionally, soufflés no longer come in “petit” or “grand” modèle, nor do desserts include une boule de glace.

We should have known something was afoot when we called and they no longer take reservations. This is not a welcome trend anywhere, and certainly not for a restaurant in this price range.

We loved seeing all the old waiters who are still warm and welcoming, but we can’t really recommend this restaurant. Not only was the old experience gone, but we were in and out in 75 minutes, a tragedy in modern Parisian dining.