Cafés and coffee

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Les Saveurs de Pierre Emile

The best savory tarts and fruit compote sans sucre, just a stone's throw away. We finally went there for lunch, and it was delicious.  Our favorite, the tomato tart, the asparagus, bacon, and dill.  And the couscous looked great. 62 rue de Vaugirard, 6me. Sadly, this old classic is closed permanently. Saveread more
Apartment neighborhood, Cafés and coffee

Cafe Medicis (19 rue de Vaugirard) is always a good place for a café midday

Unfortunately, the Sénat has retaken control over the Musée du Luxembourg, so new exhibits here are on hold. I don't know what that means for the café which is always packed with French museum-goers. Cafe Medicis is located on 19, rue de Vaugirard 75006 PARIS – and their tel # is 01 42 34 37 99 [From Cafe Medicis « FIVE ONE EIGHT ]

Cafés and coffee

Why is it so hard to find a Great Coffee in Paris?

My experiences on this trip brought back vivid memories of when I lived there lots of cafes served coffee that tasted like tar, and the milk added was almost always UHT milk – milk which doesn’t need refrigerating, and which has a smell which is hard to describe. === Caf Malongo – 50 rue St Andre des Arts, 75006 Paris === I found Cafe Malongo mentioned on the internet, so I took the metro to St Michel, walked along the gorgeous Rue Saint Andre des Arts and stepped inside Malongo’s wide glass doors. ... I was overwhelmed by the size of the caf, and delighted by all the little sections where I could sit down and read the paper; some people had laptops plugged in, everyone was savouring their coffees in a great atmosphere, with easy-listening music in the background.

... I dislike French coffee less than I hate that they only serve demi-ecreme or 2% milk, which I always thought was reserved for obese Americans giving them an excuse to add extra sugar. I like my lattes strong enough to break through the rich taste of whole milk, not a watery mess like the French serve almost 100% of the time.