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France awards new “palace” label to top hotels

I guess we all needed to be able to turn the hotel amp up to 11, which is essentially what adding "palais" to the old star distinction means. Of all the new "palais," we've only stayed at the Hyatt Vendome, which is certainly a wonderful hotel, but is it a palace? Like any expensive hotel the world over, it has it's over-priced closet rooms that overlook an airshaft, as well its million dollar a night arena-size apartments.

PARIS (Reuters) - France granted a few top hotels the right to call themselves a "palace" on Thursday, a label which distinguishes them from rivals and is designed to boost the country's profile as a luxury destination.

The eight winners of the accolade include Paris hotels Meurice and Plaza-Athenee, both owned by the Sultan of Brunei, as well as the Bristol hotel, owned by Germany's Oetker family.

and 39 rue de Vaugirard...

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New Paris iPad app

When I lived in Paris, I used to have a green hunting jacket with a big pocket in back (for birds?) ... An interactive map pinpoints hotels, restaurants and other Parisian accommodations, which is convenient if you're staying, for instance, in the Marais and want to find a nearby cafe, bar, post office or Metro stop. ... To help navigate the streets of Paris, the iPad's GPS chip reveals your location on the map, which can flip over to reveal a color-coded Metro map. A new feature, Paris in Pictures, includes dozens of color photographs of Parisian attractions to provide inspiration for what to do while you're there.
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A few good etiquette tips for tourists in France – Chris Pirillo

While to some the French may seem snooty, the world would be a nicer place if people followed a lot of these simple suggestions. with some of their etiquette rules Face it, no one wants to unknowingly embarrass themselves by being the ugly American. Here’s our short list of etiquette tips that function well throughout France and actually translate fairly well to your microcosm back home. Thanks to Renee from Travel Geeks, who also contributed a conversation that influenced this list – and to Imei for editing an compiling it: 1. A profuse use of “please” and “thank you” goes a long way. You will hear people constantly saying “merci beaucoup” or just “merci” even more than you hear “you’re welcome”.

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Paris on Less Than $100 Per Day – Fantasy?

However, the issue isn't whether it's possible as a parlor stunt, but how could you have a fulfilling Paris experience while skipping most of the things around you. It's hard to imagine a once in a lifetime Paris vacation spent entirely outside while trying to avoid museum fees, but there is a free Sunday of the Louvre. ... Best advice if you really want to stick to this budget: get a hotel outside the city on the RER line and zip in in the morning and go back out to sleep.

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France Miniature

Our friend Patrick Mikla always surprises us with 'inside' discoveries of Paris and France. From the time we met him some 15 year ago, I can remember each and every one of our adventures. The latest is France Miniature. He took the day off and took us Élancourt, a town about an hour drive outside of Paris, where this miniature…read more
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Another rube finds lots to dislike on his first trip to Paris

I love to read reports like this one from someone whose favorite meal during their stay in Paris was some crepes they ate at 10PM.    Paris is full of city life; its bustling energy is one that I haven't found in many American cities. However, despite the tourism, the main roads and historic attractions such as the Champs Elysses, have become crowded and mind-boggling to navigate. ... My favorite and only desirable part of Paris was Montmartre; champagne made this New Year's night a wonderful experience as we walked through the streets like rebellious teenagers.

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If I could not stay at our place, this is where I would stay…

So many friends and others interested in traveling to Paris have been calling us to rent our place or to find other rentals and hotels for their summer holiday. Even though the economy is still in the doldrum and they say travel is definitely down, there are still many who are taking advantage of the recession and finding great values…read more