Pourquoi les moustiques ne s’en prennent qu’à vous ?

From our favorite daily French newsletter Time To Sign Off. Finally, here is the skinny on why certain people get eaten alive and others stay relatively "unbit" by pesky summer mosquitos. I'd always heard/thought that mosquitos preferred the youngest among us and therefore there was finally an advantage in getting older. As it turns out, the facts are a bit…read more
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13 films to watch before you go to Paris

Sent by my good friend Peter Lehman.  I'd recommend also "L'ascenseur pour l'echafaud" with its chilling score by Miles Davis. We also just saw Le Brio with an aging Daniel Auteuil, which is beautifully written. 13 FILMS TO WATCH TO INSPIRE YOUR NEXT TRIP TO PARIS APRIL 04, 2018: The glittering Eiffel Tower, the moonlight reflecting off of the Seine,…read more
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What common French language mistakes do non-native French speakers make?

My family accuses me of wasting time on Quora. I couldn't resist answering this question though since it relates so closely to my enjoyment of France and the French language. The most common, most demotivating, most un-attractive mistake is not understanding how phonetically different French is from English. You simply cannot pronounce French words “the way they look” in English.…read more


Already on my holiday wishlist: this incredible set of "maisons bulles" including 9 bungalows! Beautifully place on a little island on a river in les Vosges, what could go wrong!?  And it's only E365.000! Véritable « architecture-sculpture », cet ensemble de « maisons bulles » est l'une des réalisations les plus abouties de Pascal Haüsermann, figure majeure de la création…read more
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Le Bon Marche features wire mesh architectural sculpture by Edoardo Tresoldi

As if we needed a reason for a pilgrimage to the Bon Marche when we are in Paris for Thanksgiving. It's always fun to see their holiday windows and paw around their accessories and kitchen goods. Beyond take-out in their famous specialty foods area, they have good restaurants as well. Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, the famed, 1800s-built Paris department…read more