Movies, film, and photography

Movies, film, and photography

13 films to watch before you go to Paris

Sent by my good friend Peter Lehman.  I'd recommend also "L'ascenseur pour l'echafaud" with its chilling score by Miles Davis. We also just saw Le Brio with an aging Daniel Auteuil, which is beautifully written. 13 FILMS TO WATCH TO INSPIRE YOUR NEXT TRIP TO PARIS APRIL 04, 2018: The glittering Eiffel Tower, the moonlight reflecting off of the Seine,…read more
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Movie Love for Paris, City of Klieg Lights –

We will be in Paris next week. I can hardly stand the long times between being there, the place where I feel the most "at home." Well, at home, because it's all so familiar and doesn't change like everything here does. Through a viewfinder of any type, it still looks like the black and white images from the first Truffaut movies I saw 30 years ago.

Good article here from today's NYT on Paris in the movies. I don't have a 16mm, but may bring a big Nikon for once, now that I'm not carrying little kids in my arms half the day.