Already on my holiday wishlist: this incredible set of "maisons bulles" including 9 bungalows! Beautifully place on a little island on a river in les Vosges, what could go wrong!?  And it's only E365.000! Véritable « architecture-sculpture », cet ensemble de « maisons bulles » est l'une des réalisations les plus abouties de Pascal Haüsermann, figure majeure de la création…read more
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Canal Saint Martin is a walk in the Park of Paris

Another little surprise, from Parc de Villette, rediscovering Canal St. Martin by walking from Parc de Villette to Bastille. The neighborhoods along the way are so lively, especially during the summer months, when Paris Plage is going on.  All of the activities here beat the Paris Plage by the Seine.   Canal St. Martin, is a 4.5 km long and connects…read more

This post from a 20 year Junior Year student took me back

33 years ago, I was this person, fresh off the boat (or 747), not knowing what to expect from a year in France (Rennes in my case).

... At the moment, I am sitting in my bedroom in Nantes, home from a brief three day orientation trip with the IES Nantes group in Tours, France. ... My plane left from Charlotte and as I sat in the tiny blue airplane seat, fighting the stranger next to me for armrest room, I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into. I was a twenty-year old college student on an eight hour flight to Paris, France but I felt so much more like an eight year old headed to sleep away camp for the first time. ... What if I arrived in Paris and was incapable of finding the correct train to Nantes?


News Flash! Picasso Museum Closes for Two-Year Renovation

Not just some guy who broke the mold and then rode the gravy train for the rest of his life (examples too numerous to mention), Picasso morphed throughout his life, making art whenever his hands weren't busy with women, food or drink. ... Feel free to shed a quiet tear from either of your unevenly spaced, asymmetrical eyes: the Picasso Museum in Paris closed its doors on Sunday and will not reopen them to visitors for more than two years as it undergoes an extensive renovation, The Associated Press reported. The 32,000-square-foot museum, which opened in 1985 in Paris’s Marais district, holds about 5,000 pieces of art by Picasso, including paintings, sculptures and sketches, but was only able to display between 250 and 300 at a time.


Paris Tour in citroen 2CV

Be picked up anywhere in Paris and the parisian drivers of Paris Authentic take you for an unusual discovery of their city...... 200903142156.jpg [From Paris Tour in citroen 2CV by Paris Authentic Tour - The traditionnal french car tour ]

...Now they are more rare, but you can still enjoy the ride in these tours organized by a group of French guys who enjoy showing off their city from the vantage point of a fun little car.