Quick trick to solve the un/une le/la quandry!

@____viaparis un/ une?? when in France … and in doubt, you know what to do 🤣 🥖🥖 . . . . . #slowtravel #provence #paris #frenchlanguage #provencefrance #provenceguide #jaimelafrance #madeformore #slowtraveller #madetottravel #freedomlifestyle #digitalnomadlifestyle #freespirit #womentravelsolo ♬ French language – Paris Davis

French under 40 pepper their speech with ‘du coup.’ What does it mean?

While in France this year, I finally had to understand what it is and how it was used. The article below sums it up best. It means nothing, like the “alors,” “donc” and “bon ben” that confused us all as novice French speakers. The informal French adverb du coup, pronounced “due coo,” is one of […]

What common French language mistakes do non-native French speakers make?

My family accuses me of wasting time on Quora. I couldn’t resist answering this question though since it relates so closely to my enjoyment of France and the French language. The most common, most demotivating, most un-attractive mistake is not understanding how phonetically different French is from English. You simply cannot pronounce French words “the […]