This looks intriguing, though my iPad is still just too big to carry with me like a a guidebook. When I lived in Paris, I used to have a green hunting jacket with a big pocket in back (for birds?) and I’d stick all kinds of stuff back there (umbrellas, magazines, fruits and vegetable…). I guess I’d need something like that to carry the iPad around everywhere.

Please comment and let me know if you tried this.

An interactive map pinpoints hotels, restaurants and other Parisian accommodations, which is convenient if you’re staying, for instance, in the Marais and want to find a nearby cafe, bar, post office or Metro stop. A tap on a pinpoint reveals more information, like an address, a telephone number and hours of operation. To help navigate the streets of Paris, the iPad’s GPS chip reveals your location on the map, which can flip over to reveal a color-coded Metro map.

A new feature, Paris in Pictures, includes dozens of color photographs of Parisian attractions to provide inspiration for what to do while you’re there. Still can’t decide? The Paris app has suggestions for exploring, including the must-see churches, museums, parks, gardens and 90-minute walking tours.

[From GADGETWISE – The Glory of Your Personal Paris, Glowing on an iPad – Web Log –]