Chez Germaine
Tucked away in the chic seventh arrondisement, this busy, often crowded bistro serves French comfort food such as steak with potatoes dauphinois to locals who wouldn’ dream of defiling their Boffi kitchens by cooking in them. Have the three course lunch or the two course lunch (30 rue Pierre Leroux,


L’As du Falafel
Because I love falafel, and the Marais. What may well be the world’s best falafel is served at an always-crowsded streetside counter in the heart of the Marais. The huge, delicious, and dripping 5 Euros sandwich is not only one of the cheapest lunches in Paris but also on of the tastiest (34 rue des Rosiers,

Not only is this tearoom a splurge, when you can afford it but, if you’re feeling more frugal, just go buy the counter and get the world’s best macaroons. The flavors change according to the season, but our favorite is the lavender and the lime-basil varieties available in the summer! (16 rue Royale, 8th arr.; Rue Bonaparte, 6th arr.)

Laduree Livre 02

These chain stores are all over Paris and are a terrific place to pick up the small everyday items that often make the best souvenirs. Let Petiti Marseillais lemon-verbena shower gel, for instance for mere 2 Euros. Once I picked up the most adorable taffeta party dress for a mere 10 Euros for my daughter when she was six. They also carry terrific assortment of sleepwear and lingerie for women at great prices. Really. The Monoprix on Rue de Rennes also has a great basement grocery store and the only American strength air conditioning in Paris, if you need it!


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