A Moveable Feast

Newly launched, The Paris Supper Club promises to replace both outdated guidebooks and raves from nostalgic friends when it comes to searching out some of the best and truest places to eat in the French capital. The club is a project of former Gourmet European correspondent Alexander Lobrano, author of a book and blog called […]

Mayor Bloomberg also like Mon Vieil Ami, in Ile St.-Louis

I remember a Sunday afternoon meal at this wonderful bistro with my darling husband and my kids a year ago. … Bloomberg, the thrice re-elected mayor of NY also prefers it…. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/19/nyregion/19paris.html

La Ferrandaise – 8, rue de Vaugirard

Okay, I feel ashamed I don’t even know this one, but I guess now we’ll have to try it, seeing as it is supposedly just a few feet from chez nous. Actually, on the map, numéro 8 is down a bit, just a few meters short of the 5th, where the rue de Vaugirard gets lively near the Boul’ Mich. La Ferrandaise—located near the Sorbonne and frequented by scholarly types, this neighborhood bistro has a charming, effortless appeal. … I had a pate, boeuf bourguignon, and a chestnut soufflé and could not eat again that day. La Ferrandaise, 8, rue de Vaugirard [From Family of One: Family of One Dines in Paris 2010 ]

John Talbott’s Paris: Le Marcab – 255 rue de Vaugirard

A pithy review by John Talbott on a restaurant that sounds a lot closer than it is. … Le Marcab, 225, rue de Vaugirard in the 15th,, open 7/7, has a set of menus for 16, 25 and 35 €, plus a la carte items. We have friends who live a short walk from it and invited them to joing us today. Three of them had the 4 course forced choice “menu” for 25 E which is a real bargain and I had the 35 E 3-course one. [From John Talbott’s Paris: Le Marcab in the 15th; still very nice.

Restaurant Review of La Maison du Jardin 27 rue de Vaugirard – TripAdvisor

We’ve also had a very good meal at the Maison du Jardin. This is an adult neighborhood restaurant, which is really a bit too quiet to take kids, which we did. … It has delicious food, not a thing we ordered was anything worse than outstanding. … The cheeses are sourced form a local shop called Rouge Creme and were all delicious. … [From What a joy! – Review of La Maison du Jardin, Paris, France – TripAdvisor ]

Tokyo is the new Paris, says Michelin

So say the revered gastronomes at the Michelin Guide, who have awarded three stars to 11 restaurants in the Japanese capital, one more than in Paris. Yesterday’s announcement, made days before the launch of the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2010, cements the city’s deserved reputation as a spectacular place to dine. “Tokyo has become the world culinary capital, ahead of Paris,” gushed Jean-Luc Naret, the guide’s director general.

… But, I guess if they are giving the title of Paris to the city with the most 3-star restaurants, it might as well be Tokyo. … I still would rather live, eat, and breathe in Paris for everyday eating than anywhere else in the world, even Northern California, where we live.

McDonald’s restaurant to be placed inside food court at Carrousel du Louvre

The first is that the Louvre, in a situation they can’t control, will have to co-exist with the odeurs of a MacDo in its midst. … PARIS — French culture and American convenience will come together in December — thanks to plans by the McDonald’s restaurant chain to hang its shingle in the shadow of the Louvre. … The McDonald’s will be installed in the food court of the underground mall adjoining the museum, known as the Carrousel du Louvre, as the fast food chain fetes its 30th anniversary in France, McDonald’s France said.

First foray into cooking was through Silver Palate Cookbook

I read today that Sheila Lufkin, the author of “Silver Palate Cookbook 25th Anniversary Edition” (Julee Rosso, Sheila Lukins) had passed away. I was struck that her cookbook got me started cooking when i was just out of college, some 25 years ago. During my weekends to NYC from Boston where I attended college, many […]

Chez Michel

What a find. Our friends Jean-Jacques and Jane, my husband and I had a dinner out at Chez Michel, in the 10th arrondisement. Cuisine is Breton, and the atmosphere breezy. According to our discriminating friend Jean-Jacques, Chez Michel is one of the top 10 traditional bistros in Paris, and indeed, I think it lives up […]