Jardin du Luxumbourg named one of the 60 greatest places in the world

Image via Wikipedia I’m consistently awestruck every time we visit our ‘Jardin.’  We’re so lucky to have le Jardin du Luxumbourg as our backyard.   Even after more than a decade and a half of coming to this lovely city each year, I have always found this park and its gardens magical.  Lately, I’ve found myself […]

Hotel Villa Madame and the provenance of Rue Madame

I just learned of the provenance of the fabled street, rue Madame, that crosses rue de Vaugirard, where our apartment is located. It was named after Marie-Joseph-Louise, “Madame” de Savoie, the wife of Xavier-Stanilas “Monsieur” de Bourbon, Count of Provence and the future Louis XVIII. In 1790, “Monsieur,” the current owner of the Luxembourg Palace, […]

Chocolatiers Abound

Two more chocolatiers opened in the neighborhood, giving competition to Pierre Hérme. Patrick Roger, voted the best chocolatier in 2000, seems to be guided by the seasons and his whimsies, as my daughter Hadley and I saw the largest 6′ chocolate pencils to commemorate the start of the school. Down the street, on rue de […]

Food Lover’s Odyssey: Journey Through the Pastries of Paris — Part 2

It’s not been six months since we were last in Paris and I start to get really really hungry looking at pictures like those in this excellent roundup of Paris pastries and patisseries.   Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki is literally three doors away from our apartment, so my wife goes there quite often. I find it a tad over-priced and as the article says, a little too “untraditional” for my tastes. … All of the patisseries listed in this article are a hop, skip, or a big jump from 39 Vaugirard.

Pierre Hermé: Paris’ divine pastries

Adding to the list of wonderful things a hop, skip, and jump from our apartment is the second Pierrew Hermé, located at 185 rue de Vaugirard. … The front of his pastry shop on rue Bonaparte looks like a jewelry store, the inside like a casket of very precious highly talked about edible jewels.

… While I’m sure Suzy Orman would never “waste” the extra centimes to upgrade to the level of these chocolate specialties, serious chocolate lovers and patisserie dévotés will want to make the trip.

Rent a barge apartment for your Paris stay

Who hasn’t cruised on the Seine and wondered what it would be like to live in a houseboat at the center of Paris. … While there are some 200 livable boats moored in Paris along the Seine, there aren’t a lot of these boats that rent for short term apartments in Paris. … The little boat is located down the Seine near the Gare d’Austerlitz and about a 15 minute walk from Notre Dame additional.

Don’t drink the water!

It’s been some thirty plus years since there were any water purity issues in Europe (though I’ve heard of recent problems in Barcelona), but that doesn’t mean you should drink every bit of water you see. … In older buildings where you’re not sure of the water supply, it’s wise to drink filtered water or buy your water at the store, especially if you are staying there for an extended period. … All but about 3 percent of public pipelines containing lead have been replaced with nontoxic materials, according to the American Water Works Association, a water-treatment industry scientific and educational group.

New Monoprix open next to our apartment

Now, instead of walking to the end of the block to the store, we have a Monop (a mini Monoprix) three doors away next to the pastry shop,at 33 rue de Vaugirard. It’s a far bigger selection than the Huit a 8 at the end of the block though their selection of fruits and vegetables leaves much to be desired. We are back in our apartment for 10 days and enjoying refinding old loves and finding new ones.